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Why Online Casino Regulars Should Try Real-Money Betting

They say that variety is the spice of life and when it comes to online gambling this is most certainly the case. It has become quite a trend, as the various variants of online gambling have become increasingly popular, for websites to either interlink or promote in regards to each other.

For example, if you are pursuing some Premier League soccer odds, you may find an enticing link to some online poker right beside it. On the other hand, if you are examining the spinning virtual roulette table, you may notice a link to some WTA tennis odds nestled in the corner of the screen. Finally, if you happen to be a fan of Bet365, you will have seen that this website offers both real-money betting and online casino action within its digital perimeters.

Of course, considering the extensive crossover between casino gambling at GCLUB and sports betting audiences, this interlinking is both a sound business decision on the part of the provider and a welcome feature for the consumer. However, apart from adding a bit of variety to proceedings, indulging in some real-money betting can be massively beneficial to your online casino performance. You need look no further for evidence of this than the advice and promotions by Canadian poker superstar Daniel Negreanu.

by Viri G

Negreanu, who is perhaps one of the most successful and famous online poker players in the world, is a documented sports fan with a particular love for hockey. This was demonstrated by the 40-year-old's recent campaign for the National Hockey League's potential move to gambling mecca Las Vegas. Negreanu has previously stated how important it is to approach online poker in the same manner that an athlete would approach a professional sport. He even goes so far as to suggest that, if others adopted his mentality, Poker could potentially be an Olympic sport. Moreover, Negreanu has also claimed that an understanding of sport psychology and tactics, from a spectator's perspective, is valuable when transfigured into a poker context. Therefore, it is appropriate that Negreanu desires the merging of Las Vegas' gambling culture with the wider phenomenon of the NHL.

But how can a regular Goldenslot online casino visitor benefit from indulging in sports betting in the way Negreanu implies. Simply put, real-money betting will add extra dimensions and nuances to your approach to gambling. Moreover, it will stop many from becoming bored or despondent during long gambling sessions. It is a way to enjoy live entertainment, and atmospheric events, whilst still keeping your mind ticking over and focusing upon statistics and odds.

If you are a seasoned and full-time online poker player, your primary income will still be based around that pursuit. What the addition of sports betting will do is simply create a mental break that, whilst allowing your mind to overcome blocks or frustrations, will not take you out of the required competitive gambling mindset. If nothing else, this lucrative and profitable pursuit is an excellent and enjoyable pallet cleanser for committed online casino gamblers and full-time online poker players alike.

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